The 3 (Ways) in Which the Terms Bodybuilding and Resistance Training Differ

Fitness Health, trainers, coaches, and applications in the industry today seem often to use the word “bodybuilding “to refer to many types and instead of the term resistance training. There is also a possible debate about what bodybuilding is really. Many say it is a sport and others an exhibition. This notion is one that I never took the time or cared to consider or debate. Like many sports, bodybuilding requires training, proper nutrition, preparation, creativity, and a competitive mindset. Not everyone who does resistance training is bodybuilding or a bodybuilder.

The 3 Facts that make Exceptional

The purpose of this correspondence is to speak to healthcare, wellness, and fitness professionals regarding an innovative platform called TPN was developed to save numerous hours of time and significantly increase revenue for facilities specializing in Improving health and quality of life for their members and clients. accomplishes this by providing individually tailored cardiovascular programs, nutrition breakdowns including hundreds of meals developed in seconds, and hundreds of resistance training options from which to choose.

The 3 Best Steps (Components) for Muscle Gain

During a time when so many people are trying to drop extra weight, there exists a group of the population who wish to gain muscle for body aesthetics or sports performance. Without providing tailored workouts or giving personal training tips, this document will present some basics for gaining muscle. There are a small group of the population that has the desire to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.


The word diet is where some problems begin. Normal metabolisms can make healthy nutrition programs reasonably easy to calculate. One problem with the word diet is that it insinuates that the client will be deprived of calories or nutrients. Although changes must be made, individuals have converted meals from two to four per day and never felt severely deprived, shaky, sick, or like they have the flu while reaching body fat or weight goals. Another problem with the word diet is that ninety percent of known diet programs are not particularly successful after a one-year time frame.

The 9 Best (Food Groups) Protein Sources

Adequate protein consumption is important for optimal health and having a positive nitrogen balance and amino acid profile aids in muscle gain and maintenance at any age. Many professionals recommend one gram of protein per kilogram of lean body mass desired. The purpose of this document is not to investigate protein needs for a certain desired body composition goal, but to discuss the functions of protein within the body and various sources including benefits and drawbacks of each category of protein source.

The 4 Components (Aspects) For Tailored Fitness and Body composition

There are currently numerous workout and nutrition programs with advertisements across all forms of media. Social media is overly saturated with nutrition and exercise programs promoting various approaches as well as magical pills or products to get outrageous results in record time whether they are attainable, practical, or healthy. The purpose of this document is to discuss the good, bad, and ugly claims and aspects of some of the fitness industry. A goal is to distinguish fact from fiction and healthy from unhealthy.

The 7 Important Factors of Training and Treatment in the Heat

Many people look forward to summer temperatures after several months of winter cold. People like to get outside and become more active as the temperature rises. As summer approaches, it becomes important to become acclimated and be adequately hydrated to avoid heat illness. This document will discuss physical adaptations to heat, hydration, and heat illness with treatment if necessary.

The 3 Nutrition Factors (Glycemic index, load, and insulin response) for Health, Fitness, Diabetes and Weight Management

Glycemic index refers to the potential of a food to raise blood glucose levels. This value may be a useful tool to benefit people with diabetes management and those desiring weight loss for improving health, aesthetics, longevity, and quality of life. Pure glucose has a glycemic index of one hundred. Foods are classified as high, moderate, or low based on this comparison. A high glycemic index is seventy or above. Moderate is fifty-five to seventy. The low is fifty-five or below. The glycemic index was once thought to demonstrate quality of carbohydrates.

Personal Trainer Certifications

“The majority of people know that exercise is one of the most helpful things they can do to improve their health. A majority of people are not exercising regularly,” said Doug Miller at Messiah College. He says the Exercise Science major has grown over the last ten years at the college. A lot of those students have become personal fitness trainers. The course load for a four-year degree is not easy. “Exercise physiology, kinesiology, exercise testing and prescription, exercise psychology are just some of the classes. said Miller.

A Few Keys to Healthy Nutrition

There is some misinformation produced on social media regarding nutrition, exercise, metabolism, and hormonal response to promote an agenda or sell products. Information and product promotion are not always detrimental by any means. The problem becomes that many use the consumer’s lack of knowledge and poor, limited, or biased research to promote claims, ideas, philosophies, or products. The purpose of this document is to provide information on healthy nutrition, metabolism, and hormones to aid consumers in making informed decisions on specific health topics.