During a time when so many people are trying to drop extra weight, there exists a group of the population who wish to gain muscle for body aesthetics or sports performance. Without providing tailored workouts or giving personal training tips, this document will present some basics for gaining muscle. There are a small group of the population that has the desire to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.

Muscle gain requires muscle stimulation almost exclusively the result of some type of resistance training. The very basics include inhaling on the negative or weight going down and exhaling on the positive or weight going up to completion. The negative should last approximately four seconds and the positive about two to three seconds. The individual can complete two or more sets with the best repetition count being between eight and twelve. Above this amount is for sculpting, cutting, or conditioning. Below this amount is almost exclusively for strength and power.

Muscle gain requires providing the proper nutrients in proper amounts to lay down the contractile proteins' actin and myosin within the muscle fiber. The keys are providing a positive nitrogen balance as building blocks for muscle fiber hypertrophy and an abundance of quality energy substrates to promote maximum muscle growth. The daily caloric intake is established by the desired goal weight of the individual. The carbohydrate count should be adequate and may be as high as fifty percent of daily caloric intake. There have been many opinions on how much protein is necessary for muscle growth. Some have proposed one gram of protein per pound of desired bodyweight. Our program is similar in this regard using .9 grams of protein for pound of desired bodyweight. Individuals have gained twenty to thirty ponds of lean body mass within six months. It is important to state that these results were individuals at a relatively young age. One of the most important meals of the day is the one that a person has right after the workout. This meal should have a combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. The protein contributes to a positive nitrogen balance and the carbohydrates shifts the body from cortisol to insulin mode which promotes abdominal fat reduction and muscle growth. The post workout meal should be consumed within thirty minutes upon completion of a training session and minutes mean muscle.

Generally, I do not promote many supplements and find many unproductive. For muscle gain, there are two supplements that are known to get results and recommended. A substance called arginine alpha ketoglutarate stimulates nitric oxide release that serves as a vasodilator to allow more nutrients into the muscle aiding in recuperation. Most supplements containing arginine alpha ketoglutarate go by the name NO2 or NO pump. These supplements should be in a time released capsule and should be taken a half an hour before breakfast and lunch. Another proven supplement is creatine monohydrate that extends the ATP-PC energy system to increase strength, power, and extend sets to promote muscle mass. The vasodilator supplement is started two weeks before the creatine to open up vessels and maximize protein, carbohydrate, and creatine uptake. TPN hopes this brief article will provide the basics for increasing lean body mass for those who desire to do so. For the best in nutrition programs and software, please visit tpnperfectbodies.com