Precision refers to the ability of TPN to reach very specific weight or body fat goals

Omar Taylor was a collegiate football player as a defensive end at Coastal Carolina University. After his football career ended, Omar continued to lift weights not following what you would call a strict diet. Before anyone knew it, Omar weighed three hundred forty pounds and was not in good shape. Omar was a former football player and bodybuilder, but now was so out of shape. Omar did not just decide to lose weight, but also decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition and set the date. This man was serious and at this time, he recruited Mark to train him and a very close friendship quickly developed. During the same time period, TPN was in development meanwhile Mark was using the programs of nutrition and training. Results certainly speak for themselves and never lie. Omar went from three hundred forty pounds to two hundred sixty-eight pounds at three percent body fat fourteen weeks later. The pictures and his transformation are amazing. Omar is a special athlete with a tremendous physique and has so much more success to come.

Shortly after former severely overweight client Omar Taylor transformed into an extremely talented, competitive bodybuilder joined forces with exercise physiologist Mark Glusco, great things started to happen. Omar had a transformation that changed his life and dreams. One afternoon, Mark had his face plastered against a computer screen to view a database he was using to develop meal plans. Mark always provided clients with daily nutritional breakdown, number of meals, meal plans, and a healthy, effective cardiovascular program. He was writing out meal plans using a database from Nutrigenie. Our gym had used several nutrition software programs with frustration and impractical meals. At this point Dr. Bass who had used Mark previously for two programs entered the gym. He stated “I need software that does what you do.” Mark discussed it with Omar and an investor that loved the idea and was born. It was born, but needed much nurturing. Omar and Mark have been close and working together ever since. The intention was to make a program and the sometimes-tedious process of meal development very fast and easy. Our software does this for the user. Our website allows access to our server that has many tailored nutrition programs with one being customizable allowing the user to decide the percentages of macronutrients needed. Essentially all theories on nutrition can be used with excellent software features with the ability to develop hundreds of meal plans in seconds. No other program has this feature. Meal plans may be edited by refreshing a whole day of meals, a single meal, or an item. offers resistance training and cardiovascular programs including target heart rates with intensities to meet the needs of clients or patients of all ages and fitness levels. The file can then be emailed, printed, or downloaded. The programs can be used on almost any internet device.