The 3 Best Steps (Components) for Muscle Gain

During a time when so many people are trying to drop extra weight, there exists a group of the population who wish to gain muscle for body aesthetics or sports performance. Without providing tailored workouts or giving personal training tips, this document will present some basics for gaining muscle. There are a small group of the population that has the desire to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.

Hormonal responses to Exercise and 5 (Components) of Resistance Training

The purpose of this article is to briefly explain hormonal responses to different types of exercise and intensities. Endocrinology, structure of hormones, and related physiological changes as well as adaptations can be quite complicated. For this reason, the explanation provided will be simplified, limited, and focused on the several major players so to speak. Results, adaptations, and general descriptions of the physiological parameters will be discussed without presenting structures of each and disease processes that may be associated with over or under production of such hormones.

The 7 Important Factors of Training and Treatment in the Heat

Many people look forward to summer temperatures after several months of winter cold. People like to get outside and become more active as the temperature rises. As summer approaches, it becomes important to become acclimated and be adequately hydrated to avoid heat illness. This document will discuss physical adaptations to heat, hydration, and heat illness with treatment if necessary.

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TPN Perfect Bodies Web Application

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Fitness and Performance (2) Benefits of Training at altitude

Altitude training is utilized by many endurance athletes. The athlete trains for several weeks at a high altitude of greater than 2,400 meters or 8000 feet above sea level. The reason endurance athletes train at high altitudes because the air is sometimes said to be “thinner.” At every altitude, the air we breathe always contains the exact same percentages of oxygen and other gases. The beneficial training effect occurs because the partial pressures of these gases are less at higher altitudes resulting in poorer gas exchange at the alveoli of the lungs.

Does the Exercise Order Dramatically Effect Results?

The following question has been asked to me many times. If an individual is doing both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, which one should be done first? For body composition, it makes little difference. Resistance training depletes glycogen stores, so it makes sense to train it first to begin burning fat at the very beginning of the cardiovascular session. When the cardiovascular session is completed first, aerobic metabolism is reached at approximately ninety seconds. The ATP-PC system lasts about ten seconds. The net result is eighty more seconds of fat burning.

The 6 Amazing Benefits of Vibration Fitness

Vibration platforms have been proven to increase circulation, flexibility, strength, and power. These platforms provide mechanical stimuli which make the muscle spindle proprioceptors respond as it was being overstretched by eliciting a neural impulse for the muscle fiber to contract. This response is what provides so many benefits. Vibration is a tremendous workout. The slight stretching of vibration allows the muscle fiber to contract thirty to sixty times per second. The vibration increases circulation, flexibility, strength, hormone production, collagen production, and lymph drainage.

Bodybuilding program

Bodybuilding programs use high protein, low to moderate carbohydrates, and low fat. The protein is energetically favorable because it requires energy to process during the process of deamination. This process also benefits the competitor because of the dehydration effect allowing him or her to naturally shed water throughout the allotted preparation time.


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