Hormonal responses to Exercise and 5 (Components) of Resistance Training

The purpose of this article is to briefly explain hormonal responses to different types of exercise and intensities. Endocrinology, structure of hormones, and related physiological changes as well as adaptations can be quite complicated. For this reason, the explanation provided will be simplified, limited, and focused on the several major players so to speak. Results, adaptations, and general descriptions of the physiological parameters will be discussed without presenting structures of each and disease processes that may be associated with over or under production of such hormones.

The 4 Components (Aspects) For Tailored Fitness and Body composition

There are currently numerous workout and nutrition programs with advertisements across all forms of media. Social media is overly saturated with nutrition and exercise programs promoting various approaches as well as magical pills or products to get outrageous results in record time whether they are attainable, practical, or healthy. The purpose of this document is to discuss the good, bad, and ugly claims and aspects of some of the fitness industry. A goal is to distinguish fact from fiction and healthy from unhealthy.

Personal Trainer Certifications

“The majority of people know that exercise is one of the most helpful things they can do to improve their health. A majority of people are not exercising regularly,” said Doug Miller at Messiah College. He says the Exercise Science major has grown over the last ten years at the college. A lot of those students have become personal fitness trainers. The course load for a four-year degree is not easy. “Exercise physiology, kinesiology, exercise testing and prescription, exercise psychology are just some of the classes. said Miller.

Determining Intensity For 3 modes of Aerobic Exercise to Improve Health and Fitness

The purpose of this document is to show how to determine intensity using several modes of aerobic exercise. Exercise testing provides the information needed to determine exercise intensity based on metabolic equations. The simplest way to do this is providing the equations for determining the appropriate intensity to reach a desired target heart rate.

Cardiac stress testing system and apparatus

There is now a superior product for cardiac stress testing that is much better for patients and physicians. This cardiac stress system provides a better diagnostic test which measures cardiac demand rather than pain induced heart rate elevation due to orthopedic strain or poor lactic acid buffering and tolerance. The research completed tests the treadmill versus our product. The apparatus is superior to other cycles for maximal and submaximal testing as well as cardiovascular conditioning.

The 2 Ways (Formulas) to Calculate Target Heart Rates for Safety, Health, and Fitness

For the best fat burning results, cardiovascular target heart rates should be used. To determine a target heart rate for an apparently healthy person with controlled risk factors and not using any medication that affects heart rate and dynamics will use age predicted maximum heart rate or APMHR to determine the best cardiovascular target zone. APMHR is two hundred twenty minus ages. Sixty to eighty percent of this uses the aerobic energy system burning fatty-acids and carbohydrates. At eighty to ninety percent, the subject is burning a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

Does the Exercise Order Dramatically Effect Results?

The following question has been asked to me many times. If an individual is doing both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, which one should be done first? For body composition, it makes little difference. Resistance training depletes glycogen stores, so it makes sense to train it first to begin burning fat at the very beginning of the cardiovascular session. When the cardiovascular session is completed first, aerobic metabolism is reached at approximately ninety seconds. The ATP-PC system lasts about ten seconds. The net result is eighty more seconds of fat burning.

Bodybuilding program

Bodybuilding programs use high protein, low to moderate carbohydrates, and low fat. The protein is energetically favorable because it requires energy to process during the process of deamination. This process also benefits the competitor because of the dehydration effect allowing him or her to naturally shed water throughout the allotted preparation time.

The 2 Predominant Types of Exercise Testing and the Health and Fitness Benefits

Exercise testing is done to assess cardiac dynamics and aerobic capacity. The primary way people are exercise tested in the U.S. is on a treadmill using the Bruce protocol. Generally, cardiac compromised patients do not possess the ability to run for very long or at all for many reasons. Therefore, Dr. Bruce decided to use walking speed for the protocol. For this reason, he was forced to use an excessive hill to create the workload. The initial grade is ten percent and goes to sixteen. When engineering roads I have been told on several occasions the maximum grade is seven percent.