The word diet is where some problems begin. Normal metabolisms can make healthy nutrition programs reasonably easy to calculate. One problem with the word diet is that it insinuates that the client will be deprived of calories or nutrients. Although changes must be made, individuals have converted meals from two to four per day and never felt severely deprived, shaky, sick, or like they have the flu while reaching body fat or weight goals. Another problem with the word diet is that ninety percent of known diet programs are not particularly successful after a one-year time frame. Nine out of eleven top listed diets are not proven successful after one year according to market research. The reason for this is generally because of severe deprivation of calories or specific macronutrients that may benefit metabolism in the very short term, but not long term and may be detrimental. The keys to healthy nutrition programs are appropriate daily caloric intake, percentages of macronutrients, and food selection. Nutrition programs must be tailored to individual needs. Nutrisystem for men is not tailored and cannot serve all men well. This diet and meals are only tailored to a small fraction of men with a calorie count that will support approximately one hundred thirty ponds of lean body mass. The program requires delivery of meals with starter and cravings shakes. Many of these types of programs are not tailored to stimulate metabolism and are nothing more than an attempt at portion control that may or may not be healthy for individual goals.

Another problem addressed here is that most diets do not advertise that a client can reach an exact weight or body fat percentage and provide a program to maintain the results for a lifetime. TPN provides a tailored program and the ability to maintain results. TPN does not try to sell fantasy. We encourage everyone to engage in resistance training, cardiovascular training at a target heart rate, and smart eating for the best results and optimal health. People should educate themselves on proper training and nutrition focusing on fat burning, glycemic index, glycemic load, and nutrient density. This will empower people to educate themselves for results and a lifetime of healthy eating. It is recommended that bodybuilders or physique competitors return to higher body fat offseason, but otherwise everyone should wish to maintain the results achieved. The program for maintenance of results has worked very well. Despite this fact, it is important to point out that less than fifteen percent of the hundreds of clients for whom I have done programs wanted or utilized a maintenance program. This seems sad because it signifies what very often happens, being that the results are lost or regained over time. Programs tailored to specific needs to meet specific goals and maintain them should be the goal. There are so many different diets from past to present including The Zone Diet, Eat Right for your Blood Type, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Paleo, Mediterranean, Ketogenic formerly Atkins and even the Twinkie Diet. As you can see, the diet idea has been overdone promising unhealthy results and expectations. Per ACSM, losing more than two and a half pounds per week generally equates to muscle loss. After twenty-five years of working with clients from cardiac rehabilitation patients to elite athletes and using various nutrition software, I encourage people to find and ask for research to prove the claims made by many companies. Many of these programs are too drastic and overdone sacrificing health wishing for greater results. A slower, healthier program is the key to maintaining results and promoting optimal health.