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Cardiovascular programs

Cardiovascular programs for people of all ages, fitness levels, and medical conditions based on ACSM Guidelines promoting heart health and fat loss.

Nutrition programs

Nutrition programs to reach exact body fat and weight goals including daily caloric intake, grams of macronutrients per day, and grams of macronutrients per meal

tailored meal plans

Hundreds of tailored meal plans that meet an exact breakdown and developed in seconds. Meal plans can be edited by refreshing an item in a given meal, and you also have the ability to exclude meal items due to allergies and preferences.

Resistance training programs

Resistance training programs tailored to individual needs including bodybuilding contest, muscle gain, weight loss, endurance training, cardiac rehabilitation, a custom option to develop your own training session.

TPN was developed to save numerous hours of time and significantly increase revenue for facilities specializing in Improving health and quality of life for their members and clients. Tpnbodyperfect.com accomplishes this by providing individually tailored cardiovascular programs, nutrition breakdowns including hundreds of meals developed in seconds, and hundreds of resistance training options from which to choose. This revolutionary new platform can accommodate all three fitness components for the most deconditioned cardiac rehabilitation patient to the most elite athlete.
The tpnperfectbodies.com platform provides cardiovascular, nutrition, and resistance training options that include muscle gain, bodybuilding and figure contest preparation, active weight loss, general weight loss, weight maintenance as goals are reached, and custom programs which allows the user to select percentages of macronutrients desired; as well as resistance exercises with sets and repetitions determined by the user. Our platform's goal is to help design and develop comprehensive programs for clients. TPN is not necessarily telling anyone how to accomplish goals, but rather providing a tremendously valuable tool that reduces program development from hours to minutes.

TPN Software

what makes TPN so execptional

  • Tailored programs including bodybuilding, figure, and physique competition, active weight loss, general weight loss, muscle gain, and custom designed.
  • Client profile with target heart rates and daily nutrition breakdown.
  • Safe and effective cardiovascular program for fat loss absolutely free with any program.
  • A maintenance meal program to keep the person at a desired weight and body fat.
  • Hundreds of meal plans developed in seconds.
  • A program for a custom developed protocol.
  • Easy and fast data entry, auto updates, and extensive database.
  • Significant decrease in time to develop programs. Hours of meal development accomplished in minutes.
  • Very fast, effective, and healthy programs substantially benefitting clients,membership, and facility revenue.
  • A monthly expense that pays for itself with one client paying a modest price for a very effective and efficient program.